It’s amazing what a difference our mini-splits in Kentwood, MI could make to your home cooling. These versatile, compact, and energy-efficient systems are becoming more popular with homeowners looking to take control of their home cooling and save money in the process. If you currently have a traditional AC system and are thinking about upgrading, a mini-split installation could be the best solution for you. That’s because mini-splits allow you to take control of your cooling throughout your home. If arguments over the temperature are frequent in your house, a mini-split system allows family members to set the temperature for the zone they are in. That means you could have a different temperature set upstairs and downstairs, and even in individual bedrooms. Call us today to find out more about what these systems have to offer.

Popular Uses of Mini-Split Systems:
  • Older Homes
  • Sun Rooms
  • Outbuildings
  • New Additions and Remodels
  • Home Offices
  • Man Caves
  • Home Theater Rooms
  • Garages

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