Stay warm and save money on energy costs with an energy efficient Lennox gas furnace in Kalamazoo from Bel-Aire Heating & Cooling. The Lennox Model SLP98V Variable Capacity Gas Furnace, the most efficient and quiet furnace you can buy, uses Precise Comfort Technology to significantly reduce your heating costs. Bel-Aire’s Lennox gas furnaces are affordable and efficient, keeping you warm all through the harsh temperatures of winter!

Guaranteed efficiency

The Lennox SLP98V gas furnace has an efficiency rating on up to 98.7 AFUE. This high level of efficiency allows you to save money while keeping your home in a comfortable temperature range, so you and your family can stay warm and cozy throughout the winter season. Lennox is the premier name in heating, and we at Bel-Aire are proud to be one of the largest Lennox dealers in the state of Michigan.

Bel-Aire Heating & Cooling works with you

When you decide it’s time to start saving money on your heating costs with a highly efficient gas furnace, thee professionals at Bel-Aire can help you make informed decisions on how to heat your home. Based on the size of your home, its basic layout, and more, our experts will guide you by recommending the right furnace for your home and your needs, making sure your home gets the right amount of heating without it costing you too much.

At Bel-Aire Heating & Cooling, we’re known for our exemplary customer service, locations throughout West Michigan, fully-stocked trucks and warehouses, onsite sheet metal fabrication facility, and outstanding products and workmanship. If you’re in Kalamazoo, and are looking for a new gas furnace, do not hesitate to contact Bel-Aire Heating & Cooling today to discuss your options.

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