Installing a new HVAC unit for your home is a big decision and often involves high costs. Although this is a big investment, you cannot avoid it because HVAC units are essential to your home. This appliance keeps your household warm during the winter and provides cool air during hot months.

While you would like your heating and cooling unit to remain functional as long as possible, you’ll eventually need a replacement. Knowing the signs to look out for or the best time for a new installation, you and your loved ones will always have optimum indoor temperatures. Here are eight signs that indicate it’s time to have a new HVAC unit installed.

1. The HVAC System Is Old

When was your current HVAC unit installed? If you’ve used your appliance for more than 10 years, it may seem like it’s working perfectly. However, it has most likely become less efficient and may cost you more to maintain the optimum temperatures in your house. Depending on how well you use and maintain your appliance, its average lifespan should be between 10 to 15 years. Even if you have a modern unit that is highly durable, the major components start deteriorating within this period.

Using an old unit increases spending on constant repairs and maintenance and a rise in energy bills. Therefore, if you have an old HVAC unit, upgrading it is a more cost-effective option. A new unit will also help to minimize the emission of carbon footprint.

2. Frequent and High Repair Costs

No matter the make or model of your HVAC unit, you’ll need to repair it at some point. Occasionally, things like the contactors and capacitors are basic repairs that aren’t expensive. However, if your system starts breaking down regularly, the repair costs will increase, especially when it involves major components like the compressor.

When the repair estimate exceeds what you had hoped to spend or is more than the cost of a replacement, installing a new HVAC unit is a better decision. Getting a new system will fit into your budget. It will also significantly improve your home because it will keep you comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

3. Utility Bills Keep Increasing

You may experience a slight increase in your utility bills in the months when you need more cooling or heating. Sweltering summers and frigid winters often lead to a temporary rise in your energy bills. However, if your utility costs keep increasing or if there is a sudden spike that is significantly higher than the previous month of the same season, your HVAC system is overworking. When a heating and cooling unit works harder than it should, it becomes inefficient.

Although the costs may increase slowly and steadily, they can cause you to pay you more in the long run. Once you notice a significant spike in utility costs, call our professionals to check your HVAC system immediately. We will thoroughly assess your unit to determine the problem and give you in-depth feedback about the best solution. If it requires extensive repairs or replacement of several components, investing in a new, highly efficient system will help to cut down on your energy costs.

4. Uneven Temperatures in Your House

After using your heating and cooling unit for a considerable time, it may struggle to provide optimal temperatures in your entire house. You may notice some rooms are freezing while others warm. This may result from issues such as low fluid levels, cracked ducts, clogged filters, a damaged thermostat, or severe motor damage.

Using your system in this condition will create an uncomfortable environment for you and your family. When your HVAC unit can no longer do its job, it’s time to call our technicians to install a new system in your home.

5. HVAC Unit Runs Constantly

Your HVAC system may have to go into overdrive to keep your household comfortable When it’s very cold or hot. However, a heating and cooling unit that doesn’t turn off on a regular day may need professional attention. Also, your appliance should not keep short cycling. This is a sign that your unit is struggling to keep up with the needs of your home.

Sometimes, an HVAC system may still provide the desired temperatures in your home and continue to run constantly. However, seeking assistance from an experienced technician will go a long way in preventing you from experiencing a complete breakdown or calling for emergency repairs. Besides, the constantly running system means you have added costs to your electricity bill. Installing a new one will make your home more energy efficient, and you won’t have to deal with unexpected repairs.

6. Odd Sounds Coming From the HVAC Unit

When you have a professionally maintained HVAC unit, it should operate relatively quietly. The only normal sounds your appliance should produce are when it’s starting and shutting off. However, if you hear a whistling sound or loud bangs and clangs, it might indicate significant issues in your unit.

Once you notice any unusual noises, call our team to inspect your system immediately. When detected early, it may be reasonable to repair your equipment. But in most cases, the squealing and grinding noises are a sign that vital components in your unit are malfunctioning, and you’ll need to install a new system.

7. Increased Dust Throughout Your House

Besides delivering heated or cooled air in all the rooms in your house, an HVAC unit should also provide proper ventilation. A properly functioning system should improve the indoor air quality in your home. It controls humidity and helps remove unwanted particles in the air like dust, dirt, dander, and other debris.

When you notice increased dust in the air or on different surfaces, or if you smell dust in your home, your HVAC is no longer filtering the air indoors. Our technicians can assess your appliance to see whether the air filters need to be cleaned or replaced. If this doesn’t solve the issue, your unit is no longer capable or efficient enough to perform as it should. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase a new one and have it installed by our experts.

8. When Buying a New Home

If you are purchasing a new home, you have a chance to choose the things you want to install, including an HVAC unit. This is a perfect opportunity to seek advice from our professionals about the ideal heating and cooling equipment that suits your home’s needs. A professional will also look at other essential aspects affecting your HVAC unit’s performance, like air leaks and insulation.

We will also ensure you get the correctly sized unit. An oversized system will reach the set temperature faster but constantly switch on and off. This will reduce your unit’s lifespan due to the constant wear and tear. Again, an undersized system will run for extended periods because it cannot reach optimal temperatures within the set period. This will lead to increased energy bills.

Call Our Experts for a New HVAC Unit Installation

If you are experiencing any of the above scenarios with your HVAC unit, it’s time to install a new one. You can seek assistance from our technicians at Bel-Aire Heating & Cooling to install the equipment professionally and to ensure it works effectively. We have a team of qualified technicians fully committed to providing professional and dependable heating and cooling services. Over the year, we have earned an excellent reputation for delivering 100% satisfaction to all our customers in every task. We offer a full range of services, including AC repair, furnace repair, remodels, mini-split installation, AC replacement, home energy audits, furnace installation, and indoor air quality services in Grand Rapids, MI. Reach out today to book a service.

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