If you’re interested in getting a heating and cooling system for your home, there are different options. One of those options is a ductless mini split. This type of HVAC system has been gaining in popularity. It works well in several types of situations, and having a mini split installed could prove to be a smart move. In addition, it could potentially increase your home’s value. If you list your property at any point, you might be able to sell for a higher price because of your ductless mini-split system. How exactly does a ductless mini-split make your home more attractive? Keep reading to find out.

Staying Cool

All ductless mini splits can cool, and some can also heat. Given the warm temperatures in the summer, you’ll want your place to offer a break from the intense heat outdoors. In terms of home value, it would be great if your property could be competitive and offer benefits that many buyers are looking for. Many newly constructed houses are being built with central air, and central air is definitely a selling point in older homes as well. People have gotten very used to the idea of hanging out in air-conditioned spaces, so your decisions will need to take that into account. A home that doesn’t have any sort of air conditioning system will probably stand out, but in a negative way. In this case, you might have to lower your price point to garner more interest.

If you don’t currently have central air and want buyers to see your home as a nice, cool place where they can relax, you can consider making some improvements. Installing ductless mini-split systems can be a strategic way to make your place more appealing. Of course, you could have window units installed, but this would be considered a step down from ductless mini splits. Buyers will likely want something that’s permanent, and they’ll appreciate that the ductless mini-split systems don’t block access to the windows.

Heating Your Home

As mentioned, some ductless mini splits offer heat. To make a system transition from heating to cooling, it’s really simple. You just have to adjust a setting and the system will work in reverse.

Ductless mini-split systems that heat and cool are often installed in places that would otherwise have trouble staying at a moderate temperature. For instance, perhaps you’ve converted an attic space or a garage into a bedroom, or maybe you’ve had an addition built. These places, which are usually far away from the center of your home, may have a tendency to get very cold or very warm. This would especially be true if your home already has central air, but your ductwork doesn’t connect to your new space. In this case, a ductless mini-split system could be the perfect solution. It can heat the new area in the winter and cool it down in the summer. Buyers will want to see that every room in your home can function well as a living space that people would enjoy spending time in.

Another point has to do with the fact that some rooms can be drafty. This is more likely to happen in older homes with less insulation. Under these circumstances, the existing heating system may struggle to keep a certain area warm. If you’d like a solution for this, you can turn to a ductless mini split. Many people have gotten these systems as supplemental sources of heating, and buyers will likely appreciate this.


Ductless mini-split systems consist of indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit can be placed on a vertical wall or hung from a ceiling, depending on what particular style you get. Either way, the placement is out of the way and doesn’t take up any square footage, and it won’t affect your furniture layout. In most cases, it’s recommended that you mount the indoor unit on a perimeter wall. Since the indoor unit needs to be connected to the outdoor unit through a conduit, this location makes it easier to configure the system. You can decide exactly where you’d like your indoor unit to go.

You’ll also get to figure out where you’d like your outdoor unit to be placed. Unsightly equipment that’s in an obvious spot may detract from your curb appeal. The good news is that outdoor units can be placed almost anywhere around your home. The conduits that connect them with indoor units can be quite lengthy. Pick a spot out of the way, hidden away, and you won’t detract from your home’s appearance.

Energy Efficiency

When people look at homes for sale, most of them don’t just think about the listing price. They also have to factor in yearly property taxes, the cost of maintaining any outdoor areas, and expected utility bills. Many modern buyers are conscious of energy usage, and they may be looking for homes that have eco-friendly systems already in place.

Ductless mini-split systems can be efficient at heating and cooling. When they heat an area, they actually aren’t generating any heat. Instead, they’re absorbing heat from the outdoors and bringing it inside. This transfer process takes significantly less energy than the process of generating heat by burning fuel or consuming electricity.

When functioning as air conditioners, mini splits can be very effective while consuming a lower amount of energy than many traditional air conditioners. Efficiency is measured with SEER ratings, and many mini-splits have very high SEER ratings.

It’s important to note that each ductless mini-split system is intended to heat or cool a specific room. If you’re not in that room for a certain amount of time, you won’t need to use the mini split and can save energy in the process. You’ll only need to cool or heat the area when you’re using it.


Move-in ready homes can be much more attractive to the average buyer than homes that need a lot of work. New owners can certainly feel free to add ductless mini-split systems on their own, but not all of them are going to be enthusiastic about that prospect. They’ll already need to turn over a large chunk of money to buy new homes, so having to pay more for HVAC systems might not be something they’re looking forward to doing. Having ductless mini splits already installed can make things much more convenient for potential buyers. More attractive homes can potentially be listed at higher prices.

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